About us

We are a locally owned and operated pest control company. We specialize in the quick, efficient and affordable extermination of all household pests and traces of such. Our aim is to provide an exceptional level service at a reasonable price giving more customers the chance to clear their home of all the annoying pests and vermin that have quietly moved in. When it comes to expertise and skills, we got it all, our expert technicians are completely qualified and licensed to perform their job and use and apply all the relevant extermination methods and techniques required for the successful completion of the job. Since we employ, technicians with sound knowledge and extensive experience in pest control, we will be able to actually point out reasons why the property has been attacked and provide sufficient advice on how to control pests in future and avoid further outbreaks of vermin. Should the need be there, our people can arrange for a follow up visit schedule, ensuring that all measures have been implemented properly and that the eradication techniques are doing what they’re supposed to. Our customers have also got the option of contracting us for regular visits, giving extra peace of mind to the occupants of the property and us as a service provider. If you are worried about dangerous toxins and chemicals, then don’t be. Our technicians are well aware of the dangers of using strong and aggressive pesticides, therefore they have all been trained to use natural methods and trapping techniques before resorting to any chemicals. If the infestation has gone too far or if the damage done to the property is too extensive, only then our people will apply chemically based solutions. We guarantee that the chemicals we use will be applied only in small amounts necessary to kill off the pests but such that won’t affect humans or pets at the treated property. In terms of service response, we will do our best to visit you in the shortest time possible, in case of emergency requests, we will reschedule and attend such jobs prior to regular bookings.

Pest Control Westminster
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