Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug ControlBedbugs – the sheer thought of these is enough to drive some people up the wall. Bedbugs are especially annoying since they mess around with your sleep and deprive you of your time of rest. There is absolutely no point in postponing the eradication of bedbugs as the situation will become worse by the day and eventually there will be no coffee strong enough to get you to work after a night out with the bed bugs. Sleep deprivation may not seem like a big deal to some people, but after a number of sleepless nights, things will look much different. Call us now and let our expert exterminators deal with the annoying little invaders and rid you of them once and for all. Bedbugs respond to a number of treatments, depending on the type of bug or the level of infestation. Of course, our people will start by using natural, toxic free methods that will not affect property occupants or their pets.

For example, the most commonly used method to deal with bedbugs is the steam eradication, this is the application of hot pressure steam to the beds and linen where the little naughties are hiding. This is absolutely harmless to occupants, but in most cases it has to be combined with another method for complete eradication. Usually the hot steam technique is applied in combination with another method called the heat treatment. This is the application of heat to the bed and linen, this tends to kill off bedbugs quite efficiently as they cannot handle temperatures over forty five degrees centigrade. There is the odd chance, that the bedbugs can move to another location and start off the colony again, but in order to protect the property from further outbreaks, our people will combine the natural methods with the application of some chemicals, which though will be applied in small amounts in hard to reach places of the property, thus keeping children and pets safe of ingestion or skin contact.

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