Cockroach Control

Cockroach ControlTrue, roaches could be the only two hearted creatures strong enough to resist radiation fallout, but they also carry some nasty diseases and infections which no person wants in their home. Cockroaches feed on any type of food or decaying organic material so they can carry a whole spectrum of bacteria ready to infest a property. Roaches will invade food storage areas of the house, they will go for food scraps or any food left unattended. They will swiftly lay eggs around, so if you see small roaches out and about, then it’s definitely time to act immediately. Cockroaches are tough little nasties and will show much resilience to many of the over the counter methods available. Let alone the fact that they have become resistant to many of the pesticides that have already been used to kill them, this is why such job is best left to the professionals – us.

We will use proven and effective eradication methods to clean your property of these nasty bugs. Roaches can be exterminated using either chemical or natural techniques. Our experts usually apply a combination of both to assure fast and lasting results. The organic methods include vacuuming the pests with industrial grade vacuum cleaners or trapping them in special traps, application of organic sprays which the roaches find intolerable or the actual freezing of roaches. Usually, our people will use a combination of the natural methods to yield better results faster. Sometimes, roaches have gone too far and chemical extermination is to be done. In such cases, our technicians will apply a combination of some of the following techniques: active ingredient baits – these are child proof containers holding certain chemicals which are scattered in strategic areas of the property in order to kill off and banish the roach population. Another method is the application of anti-roach dusts and powders which make use of acids and other active chemical ingredients. The highly effective method we resort to in certain situations is the application of synthetic chemicals with high killing rate, these chemicals are especially designed to manage high cockroach infestations.

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