Mice Control

Mice ControlOk, so mice are not rats but hunting annoying little rodents around is not really as fun as some movies depict it to be. Mice are considered one of the major home pests and they are dealt with extra attention since they can reappear again. Mice are really hard to eradicate simply because they can hide and live in really hard to access places and areas of the house where conventional mice poisons are of no use. Mice feed of any food or food scraps they can reach, mice will chew and grind through many things in order to reach the desired grub, therefore pantries and other food-storage areas of the property are particularly at risk. Mice are also a pest that is usually associated with outskirt areas of cities close to fields, but nowadays mice colonies are moving further into urban areas and are sharing feeding grounds with other urban potent rodents like rats. Mice infestations are not hard to spot, there are many tell-tale signs one can look for in order to determine if an infestation has taken place.

For instance, mice droppings, they have a particular odour and are easily spotted in corners, behind furniture or in dark, secluded areas of the house and food storage areas. Another sign of mice is the tiny scratch and bite marks left on furniture, doors or windows throughout the property. Spotting any of these signs in any area of your home, means only one thing – mice have moved in and they’re there to stay. The best thing to do is call a professional exterminator, no other solutions can yield such fast and effective results. A professional pest controller will be able to determine the likely entry points for the mice and block their passages with poisons or traps, thus making it impossible for mice to bail out or for others to come inside. Mice can live of very limited food supply and with very little shelter, this is why chasing mice around the house is absolutely pointless – a professional treatment will be required for long term efficient results.

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