Pest Inspection

Pest InspectionPest inspections are one of our specialized services. This service is developed with prevention in mind since most properties will be subjected to an outbreak or pest infestation of some sort at one stage or another. Not all infestations are easily visible and detected timely by occupants of the property in question, sometimes the problem has gotten out of hand and whole areas of streets have been infested unnoticed in a matter of days or weeks. Pest inspections are a great way to detect and take measures timely, our expert technicians will come for a visit and conduct a full viewing and analysis of the property, estimating and evaluating the chance of infestation or administering a course of action for an already existing infestation. It is recommended that such inspections are done at least twice a year, one visit in the warm part of the year and another one during the colder months.

People that move places frequently can also find the pest inspection quite handy as landlords may not mention the problem initially in fear of losing the potential tenants. We organize pest inspections for both landlords and tenants. Families with young children or allergy prone members should take full advantage of pest inspections performed by our company. The knowledge and experience of our technicians will be of value to any party concerned as many infestations signs are not easily spotted and a seemingly un-infested property might turn out to be quite a nasty hole, literally. Our people will also inspect and block any potential entryways for pests making their way indoors or block escape routes, thus making the extermination more effective. The pest controllers will also suggest possible ways to secure the property from any further infestations. They will also compile a report for the inspection, based on whatever evidence or traces of pests were noticed, the report may serve as future reference in the battle against pests. Our people may also suggest follow up visits or further control inspections for properties that are prone to pest invasions, like homes in outer areas close to fields or forests.

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