Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest RemovalWasps are a dangerous and annoying household pest that in recent years has made the move toward more urbanized areas looking for food and shelter. Wasps are active for much of the year and will show resilience toward the elements, making them an almost year round problem. To make matters even worse, observers have noted that wasps are nesting closer to humans and are not easily put off. They also tend to nest in hard to reach places thus reducing their visibility by potential enemies, such as the pest controllers or the home owners. In order to banish wasps for good, the nest must be located. It is not recommended for property occupants to try and handle the nest on their own as wasps will quickly become aggressive and sting away any enemy in the vicinity, a wasp sting is quite an unpleasant injury and may lead to allergic reactions and further complications. More so, even one dead wasp will alert the swarm of the potential danger, this is so because wasps communicate through a complex pheromone system.


It is best to locate the nest and call the exterminators, they will take care of the rest. It is a good idea to locate the nest beforehand as to determine whether it is wasps or bees that are bothering you as the two species require different handling techniques. Professional pest controllers are trained in handling wasp nests and have all the required protection gear to stay safe and to the job properly at the same time. Owners can be sure that once the wasp nest has been removed the problem will cease, simply because through science it is known that wasps do not build a nest in the same place, where a previous settlement of theirs has been destroyed due to one reason or another. Wasps and bees are graphic examples of why untrained person should not attempt to handle or dispose of their nests on their own but use the services of a professional. We understand what’s required to get the job done properly without exposing the occupants to danger.

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